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Our vastly experienced Lawyers provide sound advice in relation to Mortgage and Guarantee Agreements. Our legal teamis specialized in matters related to Agreements, Deed of Mortgage, Bank Loan and Loan Default, Redemption of Mortgage, Power of Attorney orcancellation of Power of Attorney and so on and provides all the legal advice and services related to these matters in efficient manner. Drafting plays a very important role in preparation of Deeds, Agreements, Application, Billof Exchange, Bill of Sale and PromissoryNote etc.Moreover, defective security drafting creates difficulties for the person as well as for the Court. Specialty for security drafting needs a great skill that can only be obtained in the course of long practice. Our each and every single piece of written security draft always go through a strict observation and the quality of diction is scrutinized so that our clients feel confident and secured believing in mind that his/her interests are best protected by us. Our firm has expertise in protecting banking interest by way of recovery of bank’s cash. Moreover, our legal team provides legal advice and serve legal notice concerning Negotiable Instruments Act matters i.e. chequedishonour and others according to the clients demand.


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